Embarkation of all delegates on the ship will start onMonday 11th, 2018 from 12.30 -18.00 at Piraeus Port at cruise terminal.

Hospitality Desk and transfer from the airport

Hospitality desks will be available outside intra and extra Schengen arrival gates with people would be able to help you regarding your transportation to the Piraeus Port.

Free bus transfer from Athens airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) to Piraeus Port will be provided on Monday June 11th, 2018. Time schedule will be announced soon from the website and will also be sent to you as an e-mail message.


A valid passport is required for all the E.U CITIZENS for the cruise. It is the responsibility of the passengers of the cruise to secure the latest updates on passports validity and to obtain at their own expense all necessary travel documents required by relevant government authorities, at all ports of call, and to comply with the various laws. We also suggest that you bring a photocopy of your passport and leave it in your cabin.


All non E.U citizens

IMPORTANT NOTE : Since the cruise will take us to Turkey to visit Ancient Ephesus passengers coming from NON European counties must obtain double entry Schengen Visa.

Additionally a visa maybe needed to visit Turkey during the cruise. Please consult your local authorities regarding a valid entry visa for Turkey if needed.

You can find more information regarding visa regulations at the website of the Hellenic Ministry of foreign affairs at the following link


Arriving in Athens

  • Metro Line to the city Centre (Syntagma Square) every 30 minutes. Ticket fare for a single person costs € 10 euros (minimum time from the airport to the city center 40 minutes)
  • Taxi fare from Athens airport to City Centre € 35-€ 45 euros depending on the traffic (minimum time from the airport to the city center 45 minutes)
  • Bus to City Centre X95 (Syntagma Square) every 30 minutes outside intra Schengen arrival gate cost per person € 6 euros (minimum time from the airport from the city center 1 hour)
  • Bus to Piraeus Port X96 every 30 minutes outside intra Schengen arrival gate € 6 euros (minimum time from the airport from the city center 1 hour)



  • Embarkation of all delegates on the ship will start onMonday 11th, 2018 from 12.30 -18.00 at Piraeus Port.
  • All passengers must have a valid passport as well as their double entry visa in order to embark on the ship.
  • Prior to your arrival you would have been provided with a voucher indicating the number of your cabin. This voucher will help you embark on the ship easily.
  • During your embarkation and after the initial passport control you will have your picture taken and
  • After your embarkation you will be guided to the ship’s reception to get your conference material
  • Then you will be given a name card with all the details of your accommodation which from then on you will be using as your key to your cabin as well as a credit card to purchase any additional services purchased on board.
  • All payments will be finalized at the end of the cruise upon your disembarkation from the ship. Then



(Monday, June 11th, 2018 to Thursday 15th, June 2018)  

While onboard on Monday June 11th 2018 at 18.00 before the ship leaves the port, we will have a safety drill which is mandatory for all passengers.

All the scientific program sessions will be held on Deck 8 at Muses Lounge for the 13th World Processing Tomato Congress and at the Conference area for the 15th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato

Your stay on board will include apart from 3 meals per day (breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, late night shows (different show each night) and other leisure activities for the accompanying persons.

Details for each day’s leisure program will be included in a leaflet which will be distributed every day into your cabin so that you can choose and plan in advance your leisure time.



Thursday 15th, June 2018 

Upon our arrival at Piraeus Port on Friday 15th, June 2018 we have to disembark the ship from 07.00 until 10.00 the same day. Early breakfast will be available from 06.30-09.30. For those who will attend the Post Congress tour busses will be waiting outside the ship at 09.30.

Free bus transfer to the Athens airport from Piraeus Port will be available also upon the disembarkation of the ship.

Please bear in mind that the taxi transfer from Piraeus Port to airport usually takes 45 minutes. If you plan to take bus or metro to the airport please allow more time since you really need at least 1 hour to get to the airport from the port.